Cinderella Stories 

I always wondered how possible it could be for a human being to experience pain in places that eyes cannot see. Even worse, how they could live with such pain for a long time.

My name is Ele Momoh, and I will be 25 in a few months. TMI?

I don’t have a theory on heartbreak. I just want everyone to be happy. See, I’m the kind of girl that believes that the movie must end with everybody happy, not just Cinderella and the Prince. The evil sisters are evil, but they’re just looking for love too. And I bet you if the Prince genuinely fell in love with one of the evil sisters, we would

a) never forgive him

b) rewrite the script

c) imply that he was bewitched or something equally horrible.

But we forget, in real life, sometimes, Cinderella is the evil sister. She isn’t demure and patient and thoroughly meek and loved by all the fairies. Sometimes, Cinderella is loud and bright and shiny, so shiny we could live on her in lieu of the sun (not figuratively). Sometimes, she’s annoying and prone to outbursts of anger. Sometimes, she speaks her mind and other times, she’s afraid to. Sometimes, her dream is to work as a mechanic in a body shop. You get my drift?

You can’t really classify Cinderellas anymore. We have to understand that every woman is her own Cinderella, with her own set of problems, her own flaws, her own issues, her own insecurities and doubts, and that ultimately, God is her Prince Charming.

Many a woman has had her heart severed or dissected because she believes that there is something wrong with her because she isn’t the perfect Cinderella. She has found it hard to accept herself for who she is because she feels, by some experience or another, that there’s something fundamentally wrong with her makeup, and she needs to change.

“Must be more outgoing.”

“Must try to be more quiet.”

“Why do I always say what comes to my mind?”

“Why can’t I be more deep and reflective like…?”

“I have to gain weight.”

“I have to lose weight.”

“Geez! I need fuller boobs!”


As clichéd as it sounds, women subconsciously struggle with these pointed attacks at their identity and worth, and they can never tell who the enemy is. They think their bodies are the enemy. They think their emotions are against them. They think they are too weak-willed or strong-willed.

Honey, it is nothing of the sort. I’ll tell you who’s out to get you.

It’s the devil. And this isn’t new, considering he has always tried to use the woman against herself since the Garden.


Ladies! Stop me already! Why are you letting me get ahead of myself?

I hope and pray that I make a difference in at least 1 lady’s life through this blog. It’s a journey for me, too, mind you, and I trust I’ll enjoy discovering who I truly am as we do this together.

But you should know this before we go on: we will never know who, what, how, and why we are outside of our One, First and Everlasting Love – our Lord God Almighty.

I pray you keep reading, and the more you read, the more I write (or is it the other way round? Lol.)

Much love,

From the place full of joys,



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