Musings: Draw Me Out

Draw me out of myself

into the fierceness of life, of love

Move me out of small thinking

into the vastness of your abundance

Dynamite the limits I’m sitting on

so I can be catapulted into the skies; 

fly high in the wind

and stay there, high up, learning the winds

and mastering them

Don’t let me keep living within the usual confines,

within the precious spaces of comfort that

mummy and daddy have established me in

Don’t let me hide away in fear

thinking that my past will continue to be my experience

Don’t let me not care

because I feel I’m all bled out of love

Don’t let me be cold

because I esteem my hurts higher than the good that is to come

Draw me out of myself, dear Lord,

until I’m soaring higher than I ever dreamed

and I don’t recognize fear

because you sucked it away in your love

and you kept me in the midst of your powerful comfort

Take me higher than I’ve ever been before,

and when I drop down to earth

let me have left a trail in the skies

that the ones to come will see, and know

that they can fly too

no matter how often they fail, or fall, or bleed, or sink;

that they can live life too… 

And live it overflowingly. 

Draw me out of me,

And into You.