​For some reason, we always quote “the joy of the Lord is your strength”, but I decided to check it out for myself. And, boom! Why should His joy be your strength? Because you refuse to manufacture sorrows from the past, and you refuse to keep on grieving what is gone (Nehemiah 8:10-12, VOICE, MSG). 

Everyday is a sacred day to the Lord. It must must must be celebrated. 

After spending so much time in pain and guilt, both real and imagined, I have realized that nobody can take your pain away. You decide to drop it. And nobody can make you happy; you simply decide to be. It’s like the determination to look sexy, or to never be broke another day. And it has it’s basis in the word of God. 

Don’t let your mind manufacture sorrows and misery and “force” you to think them. 

Gain a new perspective. Include Christ forcefully and intentionally. Include His joy. Insist that He is your everything, and that He has got you. Insist that He is enough. Insist that He is worth it. Insist that you are worth it because of Him. Insist that He is your meaning, and your contentment, and your strength, and your steady, and your stay and your righteousness. Insist that He is your awesomeness and your amazing. 

And when those dark thoughts are trying to push their way back in and get you to feel dark and ugly and trying to make you blame others and feel worthless, remind yourself that 

a) you are forgiven, 

b) Christ is the meaning, and nothing else, 

c) it’s just a feeling, and 

d) you’re greater than all that. 

Jesus loves you soooooooo much. And He wants you to be all He died for. Refuse less today. It is hard work, but you haven’t resisted up to the shedding of your blood. And the benefits are so amazing!!! You’ll love yourself and others even more afterward! 

Give the Holy Ghost a window into your soul. A beautiful you will emerge, trust Him.

I love you, and God loves you much more!!! 


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