Here’s what they told me: they said, “Ele, you don’t understand because you’ve never been a parent.” They said, “One day, when you have children, you will understand and relate.” They said, “You should understand that they want the best for you.”

So I waited. To become a parent. So I could maybe understand exactly what they are saying. But I decided to do a trial run with my nephew. And I realized that they lied to me. They spoke of sentiments of the selfish human soul, not of charity begotten in the new heart of righteousness. Because as I looked upon Muna’s face, day in and day out, I was gripped so hard with a desire for him to grow to be exactly who God saw in His heart when He gifted him to his parents. I sent up silent pleas and prayers that this child would turn out to be a man of conviction, and whose way would be made steady by the Lord. And, I prayed that his parents would have the courage to let him be who he was made to be.

So, no. I truly do not understand. I will probably never understand. I hope I don’t.

I pray I turn out to be the kind of parent or parent-figure who, silently or otherwise, expresses and lends her support to any child following after Jesus and the calling on him or her. I pray I become the kind of parent who shows in word and in deed that God is love, light, and good. I pray I become the kind of parent that my children will be thankful for at the end of time, not just in earthly inheritance but for spiritual legacy. I pray that my children, four to ten generations after me, will be God-chasers and world changers, ever supporting the cause of local churches, other believers and the expansion of the Kingdom.

And that will be my future effectively changing my past.

And that will be my legacy.

And it will be worth it all.


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