Only God

Only God could Father us

For only He could understand us

Only He made us

With really no help from any of us

He truly gets us

Our hearts and minds

Our fears and tears

Our ambitions and suspicions

Our anxiety and anguish

Our insecurities and pride

Our lies and our hurts

Our pain and our gain

He gets why we lie

He gets why we cry

He gets why we turn away from each other

He gets why we faint

He gets why we sulk

He gets why we draw smaller circles when our hearts break

He gets why we criticize

He gets why we judge

He gets the us that is inside us that we don’t know is in there


I don’t know if He gets why we resist Him

For only He could Father us

He is our light…

If you knew what this light is;

Who is within this light

He is our Answer

He is our Peace

He is our Righteousness

The sense of justice and peace

the kind that calms the soul

The sense of rest and belonging

the kind that silences restless hearts

The sense of wholeness

the kind that emboldens a man

He is all of that and more

To us

He makes wars to cease

Even in hearts and souls

He breaks bows of division and arrows of bitterness

He unites in love and understanding

He does things to a human heart

that the human mind will never understand

Only God could Father us

Only He could love us

and only He can teach us true love.

[Photo: Domino Images with permission from Serah Nwaezeapu]


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