When Honour is Worth It

For the longest time, my parents have tried to get me to leave Makurdi. It used to be their thing, taking turns to “badger” me to leave. At some point, even I was at a loss as to why I didn’t want to go. True, I had work and church and I was just beginning to love the town. But I felt like there was something more pulling me to stay.

A few months ago, I began to respond more actively to the leading in my heart to honour my parents. It may sound easy to some people, but it wasn’t so for me. At least, not in the flesh. I am the one child who has always lived at home. I’ve gone through nearly everything with them. We know one another intimately. I have also been deeply hurt by them; inexpressibly hurt. And coming out of that hurt, the spirit of God started to bring to mind this thought.

At first, it was hard and I had to catch myself many times and change my thinking and my behaviour. But something happened tonight. I made dinner. Not a big deal for some of you, but a humongous thing in my book. And because of the heat and the new population in the house, my mother and her darling hubby, my dad, went out to the backyard. Sitting right behind my window, I heard them and called out, “You guys alright?”

And my mum responds. “Yes, we are. Thank you, girl.”

And something happened to me. Tears popped into my eyes and my heart sighed. A good sigh.

And I realize it’s been worth it. I am so glad that I didn’t take the outs I was offered. I’m glad I didn’t leave. I’m glad I stayed. The blessing we are to one another now makes everything we went through to get here worth it. And I’m happy I didn’t leave because I get to experience the blessing of my parents and their love in a whole new way.

Nothing like it.


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