Brave, Courage & Bold II

As I read through Scripture, I realize and hold to the conviction that God never made us to live empty, selfish lives. It would make no meaning whatsoever. 

There’s something distinctly God in every one of us that calls out to and for a depth that is beyond us. It’s obvious from the things that fascinate us. In science, we are mesmerized by the universe and planetary bodies. We want to go beyond, see beyond. Galaxies. The Milky Way. Other planets. Aliens (though I’m still very sceptical of any alien that isn’t as cool as Bumblebee or Optimus Prime). Beings and life from outside of our world. Then we move over to art. Depictions of heaven, hell and other matter that we only see in our dreams. Movies. Music. We are all reaching for a depth.

The thing is, all that we search for is in one place: Christ. I read a commentary in my Bible, just after Ephesians 1:3. There is a line that says that Jesus Christ (the Anointed One) is the Lord to whom we belong and the SPIRITUAL PLACE where every believer is presently located. Think about it: we are already within that depth that we are grappling for…at least you are if you are born again. 

Now, for the boldness to live like you are there. 

A good number of us lack that. We would rather embrace the parts of us that are easy to handle than let ourselves be drawn into and in by this Anointing. We pretend that only our pastors and leaders need courage. That’s laughable. If anything, we need it more than they do. Why? Because they have proven to us over centuries that they will not hide beneath anything: not scandal, not mistakes, not fallibility, not success. They have shown us what it means to reach continually for the anointing, no matter where it sucks you, and to live courageously and meaningfully by the power of God. 

I think it’s about time the rest of us, on the opposite side of the pulpit, put aside our safety nets and jumped headlong into the depth that is Jesus, disregarding everything else. Is it easy? Err, maybe you should jump and find out. What’s the outcome going to be? Again, jump. Maybe when we jump into that anointing, that blood of Jesus that we like to sing about, leaving inhibition behind, we just may find all the peace and contentment we seek, and more. And then we will be able to help others dive in too. 

The meaning and substance we seek, we will find as we surrender, and as we do, we will find that it is quite easy to live fully, deeply, courageously and more impactful. 

Being brave never gets old. Reach for the Anointing, and let it do in you and to you what it should.