Brave, Courage & Bold II

As I read through Scripture, I realize and hold to the conviction that God never made us to live empty, selfish lives. It would make no meaning whatsoever. 

There’s something distinctly God in every one of us that calls out to and for a depth that is beyond us. It’s obvious from the things that fascinate us. In science, we are mesmerized by the universe and planetary bodies. We want to go beyond, see beyond. Galaxies. The Milky Way. Other planets. Aliens (though I’m still very sceptical of any alien that isn’t as cool as Bumblebee or Optimus Prime). Beings and life from outside of our world. Then we move over to art. Depictions of heaven, hell and other matter that we only see in our dreams. Movies. Music. We are all reaching for a depth.

The thing is, all that we search for is in one place: Christ. I read a commentary in my Bible, just after Ephesians 1:3. There is a line that says that Jesus Christ (the Anointed One) is the Lord to whom we belong and the SPIRITUAL PLACE where every believer is presently located. Think about it: we are already within that depth that we are grappling for…at least you are if you are born again. 

Now, for the boldness to live like you are there. 

A good number of us lack that. We would rather embrace the parts of us that are easy to handle than let ourselves be drawn into and in by this Anointing. We pretend that only our pastors and leaders need courage. That’s laughable. If anything, we need it more than they do. Why? Because they have proven to us over centuries that they will not hide beneath anything: not scandal, not mistakes, not fallibility, not success. They have shown us what it means to reach continually for the anointing, no matter where it sucks you, and to live courageously and meaningfully by the power of God. 

I think it’s about time the rest of us, on the opposite side of the pulpit, put aside our safety nets and jumped headlong into the depth that is Jesus, disregarding everything else. Is it easy? Err, maybe you should jump and find out. What’s the outcome going to be? Again, jump. Maybe when we jump into that anointing, that blood of Jesus that we like to sing about, leaving inhibition behind, we just may find all the peace and contentment we seek, and more. And then we will be able to help others dive in too. 

The meaning and substance we seek, we will find as we surrender, and as we do, we will find that it is quite easy to live fully, deeply, courageously and more impactful. 

Being brave never gets old. Reach for the Anointing, and let it do in you and to you what it should. 


Brave, Courage & Bold

So, I have been going back in time. I feel like my life is a time capsule which I open every decade or so. It’s amazing seeing myself in retrospect. I ask myself sometimes why I attempted to (and obviously succeeded at!) documenting so much of my life. It’s been in me, always, this recording and keeping track. 

I am presently reading a notebook that has my writings from May 2010. I turned 18 in May 2010, the 23rd precisely. Yeah, and that was my way of telling you all that my birthday is approaching. Don’t say I didn’t tell you oh! 

In this notebook, I am reading things that are blessing and impressing me out of the water! And it’s this reading that gave rise to this post.

First, let me back up and apologize for the long spaces in between my posts. I’ve been writing for some time now so I don’t necessarily lack for material. I just sometimes lack the courage. I wonder if I’m ready to wave goodbye to all the good opinions I’ve been riding on. I wonder if this will affect someone the wrong way. I wonder if people will understand that this is what I’m trying to say and not this other thing. I wonder if anyone will be able to relate. I wonder if I’m being too forward. I wonder and wonder and wonder until I feel the seams in my head slowly reaching disintegration point then I switch it off, head to YouTube and watch “This I Promise You”.

But as I read me, I realize that I’ve always desired to speak from my heart, hard as it may be. I’ve always desired to be true, to be authentic, not just a babbling intellectualist. I’ve always longed to be brave with my help, with my love, with my actions, with my conviction. And I’ve always known that truth comes at a cost and honesty requires a price. 

Bravery is such a wonderful word, so noble. Look at that. BRAVE. Quite dashing when you imagine it. But it’s price isn’t always so wonderful and dashing. The price of bravery is a risk of losing the world you know for one you think could be better. No one else has seen this world, no one has heard of or even believes in this new world, but you. 

Bravery sometimes means uncountable lonely and sleepless and cold nights. Bravery sometimes means that you take a risk believing that this better world you envision is  there, and not just a figment of imagination.

And bravery, courage and boldness can only be brought into question when a heart is involved; a personal matter that the brave one carries within himself or herself with so much significance. 

I wrote a poem on being brave. I’ll share it in my next post. Reading it brought me to see that if I never get bold, I just may be hoarding the solution of an entire generation. If I don’t take courage, I may never be able to help anyone truly. If I don’t rise up bravely, no one else will hear the stories that I alone could write or tell. 

So forgive me for not being brave. Forgive me for withholding such precious substance from you. Forgive me for doubting the Ever Present Strength and Ability that is our God. Forgive me for not writing more because I kid myself that I cannot make a difference. Forgive me…

…and be brave yourself. 

When We Are Afraid To Lose… 

For if your life is just about satisfying the impulses of your sinful nature, then prepare to die. But if you have invited the Spirit to destroy these selfish desires, you will experience life. 14 If the Spirit of God is leading you, then take comfort in knowing you are His children. 

The above Scripture is Romans 8:13-14 in the Voice Bible. I know!!! I simply cannot get over my love for this Bible version. 

I began to learn about the leading of the Holy Spirit when I was about 13 or 14 years old. It was a huge stretch for me. See, before that time, I’d been largely logical in my way of life. I questioned things a lot and I had learned to restrain a lot of my impulses beneath the weight of what I thought was acceptable attitude for a young lady, and shame. I didn’t really get the concept of simply “being led”. Everything I knew and trusted was something I could see, feel or figure out with my brain. I was never comfortable with unknown variables, and seemingly, that was all this Holy Spirit offered me. 

I got filled with the Holy Spirit and began to talk in tongues when I was about 18. And so much became clearer. But I still had a problem. 

How come the Holy Ghost had to lead me to do the strangest things? Wasn’t He aware of the kind of people I lived with in this world? Most people already interpreted me weird, and I never did have a precise answer for every single thing. Mount more weirdness by telling them God’s Spirit led me to… 

But with time I discovered that everything I tried to protect myself from and preserve in disobeying Him, I eventually lost. In continually violating His word to me, I kept fighting losing battles and losing values. 

Romans 8:14 says that if God’s Spirit is leading you, take comfort, rest, relax and chill, knowing He has considered you a part of the Family. 

God has got the entire picture. He knows where every single dot connects, and it’s part of our love relationship to trust Him to get us into the Big Picture He made. He knows exactly why He asks you to do what He says. He knows how hard it may be, but that’s why we take comfort. Because we are His children. And He has not brought us into fear, but into hope and joy and love and life. Don’t be scared of what you might lose. If you try too hard to keep it, you might lose it anyway. Even if you look like you’re losing, shut your eyes and obey Him. He knows exactly what He’s doing. 

And for some of us who may feel like we have wrecked our lives and other’s lives because of our disobedience and reluctance, I like to take God’s reconciliation package. 

He has restored us back into a healthy and blossoming 

relationship with Himself and ourselves. 

Strength and courage be yours on this day. 

I love you, and God loves you much more! 


​For some reason, we always quote “the joy of the Lord is your strength”, but I decided to check it out for myself. And, boom! Why should His joy be your strength? Because you refuse to manufacture sorrows from the past, and you refuse to keep on grieving what is gone (Nehemiah 8:10-12, VOICE, MSG). 

Everyday is a sacred day to the Lord. It must must must be celebrated. 

After spending so much time in pain and guilt, both real and imagined, I have realized that nobody can take your pain away. You decide to drop it. And nobody can make you happy; you simply decide to be. It’s like the determination to look sexy, or to never be broke another day. And it has it’s basis in the word of God. 

Don’t let your mind manufacture sorrows and misery and “force” you to think them. 

Gain a new perspective. Include Christ forcefully and intentionally. Include His joy. Insist that He is your everything, and that He has got you. Insist that He is enough. Insist that He is worth it. Insist that you are worth it because of Him. Insist that He is your meaning, and your contentment, and your strength, and your steady, and your stay and your righteousness. Insist that He is your awesomeness and your amazing. 

And when those dark thoughts are trying to push their way back in and get you to feel dark and ugly and trying to make you blame others and feel worthless, remind yourself that 

a) you are forgiven, 

b) Christ is the meaning, and nothing else, 

c) it’s just a feeling, and 

d) you’re greater than all that. 

Jesus loves you soooooooo much. And He wants you to be all He died for. Refuse less today. It is hard work, but you haven’t resisted up to the shedding of your blood. And the benefits are so amazing!!! You’ll love yourself and others even more afterward! 

Give the Holy Ghost a window into your soul. A beautiful you will emerge, trust Him.

I love you, and God loves you much more!!! 

Musings: Draw Me Out

Draw me out of myself

into the fierceness of life, of love

Move me out of small thinking

into the vastness of your abundance

Dynamite the limits I’m sitting on

so I can be catapulted into the skies; 

fly high in the wind

and stay there, high up, learning the winds

and mastering them

Don’t let me keep living within the usual confines,

within the precious spaces of comfort that

mummy and daddy have established me in

Don’t let me hide away in fear

thinking that my past will continue to be my experience

Don’t let me not care

because I feel I’m all bled out of love

Don’t let me be cold

because I esteem my hurts higher than the good that is to come

Draw me out of myself, dear Lord,

until I’m soaring higher than I ever dreamed

and I don’t recognize fear

because you sucked it away in your love

and you kept me in the midst of your powerful comfort

Take me higher than I’ve ever been before,

and when I drop down to earth

let me have left a trail in the skies

that the ones to come will see, and know

that they can fly too

no matter how often they fail, or fall, or bleed, or sink;

that they can live life too… 

And live it overflowingly. 

Draw me out of me,

And into You. 

My Church Anniversary

I realized today how much goodness I have been a part of since I joined my local church, Savannah Grace Chapel, in 2014. 

We are celebrating out 6th anniversary in Makurdi, and I just wanted to share some of my joy with you, my dear readers.

My church’s blog will soon be up and running, and then you’ll be able to follow up on us directly. 

Meanwhile, enjoy the gallery. It’s just my brief trip down memory lane. 


I spent the entire week last battling with an irritating case of the Block. You know, as a writer, you want to have words at every possible moment. We crave the right words, the best expressions; such that we can weave a creation in the heart and mind of our reader and lend voice to that which burns within them. Even better, show them that which they have never had before. 

But it was not to be so for me. There was a lot to say, but not an inkling how to.

So, in the midst of my frustrations as a writer, and my irritation with a host of other things including a shortage of funds, bouts of hunger and an inexplicably foul mood, I tried to steer my mind to think on more profitable matters. 

And then thoughts of the good things God does for me everyday started floating into my consciousness. You see, it’s easy to overlook the little daily blessings in the bid to get that big dream you want. But the daily leads up to the dream.

So I realized that in one day, I’d had three near accidents on the road, not counting the others that I’d previously escaped. I also realized that I was making journeys every other day and I couldn’t rightly remember exactly how I got funds for each of those trips. I realized that I was coming to know more of the Lord, and His love was becoming more dear to me than ever. 

…and a lot of other things that were subtle but clear hints of His love for me… 

If these aren’t blessings, then I must need to be reeducated.

So I decided to do this one to remind you to be grateful. It really helps keep your mind on the Lord, and, very importantly, guard your heart. 

Be thankful for little and big things. Even when errors ensue, with a thankful heart you can turn it around! 

Finally, brothers and sisters, fill your minds with beauty and truth. Meditate on whatever is honorable, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is good, whatever is virtuous and praiseworthy.

Philippians 4:8 (VOICE) 

Cinderella Stories: Forget The Past 

Brothers and sisters, I do not consider that I have made it my own yet; but one thing I do: forgetting what lies behind and reaching forward to what lies ahead,

One of the hardest things for people to do, it seems, is to forget. I mean, we can forget alright, when it’s our car keys or the password to our laptop, or the number of eggs you sent to your mother last month. We find it easy enough to forget mundane details of our daily existence. However, there are certain memories that seem to wake up with us everyday.

When I first read that God had cast my sin in the sea of forgetfulness, it didn’t quite register. How is there a sea of forgetfulness? Don’t things sink to the bottom and stay, waiting to be discovered like precious treasure by pirates? I couldn’t quite get it. Well, this was mostly because I wasn’t used to sin and error being cast aside so…cavalierly. Like it never happened. Really? There had to be a catch. Turns out, there actually is a catch.

This kind of thinking affected me for so long that I found it hard to believe that my errors didn’t make a dent in God’s goodness and love for me. I was brought up drunk on justice, with a little bit of mercy on the side, so I thought that I should always be rewarded for my good and bad actions but I should relent where others were concerned. 
See how twisted that is? And it turned into resentment after some time, with me wondering why I had to forgive other people if they wouldn’t forget what I had done. Because, in the real sense, forgiving is forgetting. Not forgetting as in amnesia; forgetting as in, it loses its hold on your mind. It ceases to torment you day by day. It ceases to hover over your consciousness like a shadow. It ceases to inform your thoughts and feelings toward yourself, others and God.

Now, when did I learn all this?

After I got super tired of being angry and bitter at (guess who?) myself. That’s who was hurting. That’s who couldn’t move forward. That’s who couldn’t forget. And that’s who needed to forget. And not in a phony, “OK, I’m not thinking about it anymore” way, but in a real, “Sweet Jesus, I’m tired of doing my style and I want to do yours so I throw this on you and I’ll not take it back” way. And it always works.

See, you don’t surprise the Lord with your failings and your unhealthy need to want to fix yourself. However, He really would rather you left the fixing up to Him.

I looked up Scriptures on His love, healing, His goodness, the covenant, forgiveness and comfort. And then, I prayed. And then I cried. And then I raved. Then I cried some more. And prayed some more. And for the first time in a long time…ding! I could see hope. I wasn’t looking at the past all the time. I wasn’t shackled there and trying to free myself in my effort.

I was seeing a bluer sky and browner grass (it’s that way in my city during harmattan).

Did the memories and thoughts come back?

As persistent as you please. But now, I don’t let them hold me in their grasp for too long before I shake myself. I remember quicker that that’s not me;

I’ve let bitterness go, and I’m living a good life.

“The Lord your God is in your midst, A Warrior who saves. He will rejoice over you with joy; He will be quiet in His love [making no mention of your past sins], He will rejoice over you with shouts of joy.”


Cinderella Stories: Who Do You Think You Are? 

This question is one of the most annoying questions on God’s green earth. Many fights have begun because of this question. However, I can’t escape the fact that it is a very important question, and the answer can change a life.

Who Do You Think You Are? 

People, ladies, this is kind of the root of a lot of the upheavals in your life. It’s not yet about who you are, but about who you think you are. 

Romans 12:3 (paraphrased): 

Take care not to think of yourself in a different way than you really are, but hold to the Lord’s perspective…

See, I’m coming to discover that when we say, Do not think more highly of yourself than you should, many people don’t really get the drift. It’s not about you thinking of yourself in the most unflattering state ever, as if that’s translation for humility. Also, it’s not about you gliding into your serene state of supremacy where no one else is as good as you. That’s equally disgusting. 
God, who is the Master of Perfection, made you. And the way Yoruba people laud him, you’d think He could never make a mistake! 

Oh. Wait. He didn’t make a mistake…or did He? I mean, after all, He made you… And you keep going on and on about how there must be something wrong with you.

Child, the things you think are a mistake about yourself are the exact reason why God made you the way He did, and called you GOOD

Philemon 1:6 (paraphrased):

…that you will experience more in your relationship with God as you begin to see yourself through His eyes and accept what you see… 

Who Do You Think You Are?

A lousy friend?

A loud brat?

An inconsiderate psycho person with mood swings?

A weak girl who lets people walk all over her? 

An overbearing person who drives everyone away? 

Think again.

Who Do You Think You Are? 

Cinderella Stories (Cont’d.)

Okay. I know I have titled my posts “Cinderella Stories” but it doesn’t mean I won’t include man talk. Ah. A strictly girl blog without sprinkles of spicy man talk, hmmm, now that’s just wrong.

Men, as in, the male man, are important to us. In fact, I pray that I am able to help you see from God’s Word that neither male man nor female man is the bad guy. We are a superb mix of sweetness, roughness, toughness, a little bit of sour stuff, and we blend quite well together when we walk with God’s plan in mind. So, no, I’m not a feminist and I won’t be bashing the guys.

I will laud them from time to time. However, my goal here is to help ladies see that YOU ARE A PERSON THAT GOD TOOK CARE AND TIME TO MAKE, FOR A REASON. You aren’t the traditions of Africa or America or Antarctica. You aren’t an afterthought put here on earth to suffer. You are crafted, as you, because a difference has to be made here

and it has to be you who does it.

So. Cinderellas. Belles. Jasmines. Anastasias. Ariels. Janes. Pocahuntases. Esmeraldas. Muanas.

You have a place in this world, and in the Father’s heart. But first, WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE?
I appreciate you reading, and I’d very much appreciate your comments below. Please feel free to share the link with your friends. It’s blessing more people than you and I know.

Much love,

From Delight Palace,